Smart Pole​

Innovations in the IoT are increasingly improving quality of human life in many areas by the concept of Smart & Safe City. New services such as remotely connected CCTV and automated incident detection allow a quicker response to threats. IoT solutions help protect city inhabitants in busy, crowded areas. Smart street lighting, which helps to lower crime rates and improve driving conditions, is another example of the measures city planners are taking to improve people’s safety. Smart poles are emerging as the core components of smart city infrastructure worldwide. These poles are a new feature on the urban landscape, leveraging sensor and communication technologies to create an intelligent environment.

What is a Smart Pole

A Smart Pole system is a vertically installed IT system using poles designed for the deployment of specialized digital systems in outdoor locations or in the building.


Smart Pole has the main function of convenience, it can detect environmental data, provide lighting, provide security, notify alarm, provide data service and provide Wi-Fi, and is a point of receiving information, contacting, receiving and sending data between the smart tower and the command control center. Smart Pole can provide information via Digital Signage screen or voice announcement via internet speaker or display flashing lights when there is an emergency. It can also be equipped with an emergency alarm box or communicate with audio or visual controls.


Smart Pole is an IT platform that installs various IT devices that respond to the needs of the city and also works with various smart city APP In terms of security, sensors including CCTV cameras, PTZ cameras will also be able to operate together with software Manage the specified incidents (Incident Management System)


The uses of Smart pole

Smart Pole can be used for security (Safe Zone or Safe City) in tourist attractions, parks, pedestrian streets, in front of schools, stadium areas. and government agencies installed around the city’s garbage dump Factory area that may contain hazardous substances or easily cause a fire near water sources, checkpoints, or border areas by creating a Smart Fence

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Traffic
  • Green Energy
  • Tourism
  • Security