R&D and Training

Consulting and Training

  • Smart Consulting

In bringing Thailand 4.0 to reality, many questions yet to be answered. Our consultants can  help government agencies, private enterprises in many aspects of project studies and  developments. These include feasibility study, technology recommendation, designing system architecture, and detailed design, bidding, implementation, deployment, building   and transferring, and outsourcing.

  • PDE Academy

The new workforce for working with smart technologies requires to have practical knowledge and skill about domain specific knowledge, business implication, business analytics, and other technical know-how. PDE Academy offers courses in IoT, Big Data, Mobile Application Development, Infographic, Motion Graphic, and Visualization   Techniques. On the business side, we provide training course such as ERP, Workflow BPM, Business Continuity Management, Maintenance Techniques, B2C and B2B Systems, and Digital Marketing for Smart Farm, Introduction to Smart City, Smart Community, and many courses in Factory 4.0

Research and Development

              PDE’s R &D Division is in charge of innovating new technologies and products. We work  collaboratively with research partners such as ITRI of ROC and with Thai universities and   well-known international MNC and Universities research laboratories. We also  support technology licensing and transfer that will benefit both the researcher,  companies and  universities. Any engineers, scientists and general researchers can contact us to discuss joint R&D projects.


            PDE ได้จัดตั้ง Precise Industry Digital Academy หรือ PIDA เพื่อเป็นศูนย์กลางการพัฒนากำลังคน สำหรับการขับเคลื่อน Thailand 4.0 PIDA ได้พัฒนาหลักสูตร Digital Economy found at in (DEF) หลักสูตรหลักที่ PIDA ให้บริการร่วมกับหน่วยงานภาครัฐและสถาบันการศึกษาคือ

  • หลักสูตร  DEF Industry 4.0
  • หลักสูตร Smart City
  • หลักสูตร Smart Farming