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Joget Workflow

One of the key steps in digital transformation is to automate the work flow business processes of an organization. The inherent inefficiency of operations is due to weak business processes, no work in process tracking and notification, no built-in light of sight KPI or cascading KPI that will provide management with online real time measurement of performance.
Hence, the state-of-the art technology is to use BPM workflow tools to analyze the existing system so as to re-design business processes resulting in “to be” business processes. The design and implementation can be carried out at ease using Joget BPM tool. The tool will transform the work flow or business process diagram into an executable application without any programming.  The Joget engine platform will support all the executions of the application.  If you need to create a paperless and efficient operations, this technology is the answer. More Info


The only way to reduce downtime, increase operational life of a plant, engine, building,   installation, we need to have preventive maintenance. Not only that, we need to manage     the spare parts that minimum mean time between failures can be achieved.  But, in order to   reduce the stock of spare parts, predictive analysis is needed in order to determine the     minimal level of stock for spare part. The Ceda MRO (Ceda Maintenance Repair Operation) is   a complete “must have “enterprise software package that any factory, building, facility to Deploy to reduce downtime cot, repair cost, and operation cost in this era of connected       business world.

Orbit Business Process Management

Orbit is a business continuity management software conformed to ISO 22301 (BCMS). BCMS is a required standard as directed by the government that all SET listed companies and government agencies need to implement BCM to ensure continuity of operation so as  to provide uninterrupted services to customers and citizens.  Orbit is a well-established software implementing ISO 22301 BCMS and used by many EU organizations such as the National Bank of Italy.

Digital Asset Management

In transforming an organization digitally, it is required to consider all the digital information as the asset of the organization. All the data file, image file, catalogues, brochures, documents, design, customer data have value contributing to the growth of the organization. Many of those information can be reused resulting in operation cost reduction.  The Asset Bank, digital asset management system is a premier software package that is an essential system to support deploy and use of digital information in the era of Thailand 4.0.