Smart City

The complexity of a city creates a lot of hard to solve problems. These problems have great impact on the quality of people living in a city. Each day city dwellers must face array of problems from transportation, traffic congestion, finding a parking space, air pollution, crime, healthcare, etc. In order to increase the livability of a city, a number of technologies can be deployed to alleviate the problems, making living in a city a vibrant eco system for living, learning, working, relaxing, and a place to raise our kids and growing old.
PDE provides smart city solutions in cooperation with world-class technology companies. Our solutions cover smart street and resident lighting systems, information and intelligence monitoring, IoT fabric and cloud computing to build sensor data and processing power, intelligent classroom to enhance the action learning of our next generation, active healthcare system supporting our elderly citizens, smart space supporting city-wide mobile earning and working, and smart manufacturing cell, and smart city farming systems for building a sustainable smart city.

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